10th Judicial District of Georgia

Welcome to the 10th Judicial District . . .

The Tenth Judicial Administrative District (JAD) is one of ten such districts created by the Judicial Administration Act of 1976 to provide regional court administration to the Superior Courts of Georgia (O.C.G.A. 15-5-2). Created along congressional district lines, the JAD's have primarily retained their original boundaries through subsequent congressional district changes.

The Tenth JAD consists of 21 counties divided into six judicial circuits. The 26 active and several senior (retired) judges in the JAD make up the District Council of Superior Court Judges, which governs district court administration. Every two years, the Council elects one of its members as an Administrative Judge, who directs district activities and supervises its staff.  Traditionally, the Tenth JAD has elected the next judge most senior in time of service as its Administrative Judge.  In addition to duties within the district, the Administrative Judge serves as a member of the Judicial Council of Georgia, as well as the Executive Committee of the Council of Superior Court Judges.

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